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2018 Spirit of the Season – Full Schedule by Hour


Eve of Christmas Eve

9:00 AM Maces Lane Middle School
10:00 AM S. Dorchester K-8
11:00 AM C-SD High School
SUN Noon Chorus of Dorchester
1:00 PM Cambridge Kids Xmas
2:00 PM Warwick Elementary
3:00 PM Vienna Elementary
4:00 PM ND Middle School
5:00 PM ND High School
6:00 PM Hurlock Elementary
7:00 PM Sandy Hill Elementary
8:00 PM Choptank Elementary
9:00 PM Maple Elementary
10:00 PM C-SD High School
11:00 PM S Dorchester K-8
Midnight Cambridge Kids Xmas


Christmas Eve

1:00 AM Maces Lane Middle School
2:00 AM Chorus of Dorchester
3:00 AM Cambridge Kids Xmas
4:00 AM Warwick Elementary
5:00 AM Vienna Elementary
6:00 AM ND Middle School
7:00 AM ND High School
8:00 AM Hurlock Elementary
9:00 AM Sandy Hill Elementary
10:00 AM Choptank Elementary
11:00 AM Maple Elementary
Noon C-SD High School
1:00 PM S Dorchester K-8
2:00 PM Maces Lane Middle School
3:00 PM Chorus of Dorchester
4:00 PM Cambridge Kids Xmas
5:00 PM Warwick Elementary
6:00 PM Vienna Elementary
7:00 PM ND Middle School
8:00 PM ND High School
9:00 PM Hurlock Elementary
10:00 PM Sandy Hill Elementary
11:00 PM Choptank Elementary
Midnight Maple Elementary

Tuesday    Christmas Day

1:00 AM C-SD High School
2:00 AM S Dorchester K-8
3:00 AM Maces Lane Middle School
4:00 AM Chorus of Dorchester
5:00 AM Cambridge Kids Xmas
6:00 AM Warwick Elementary
7:00 AM Vienna Elementary
8:00 AM ND Middle School
9:00 AM ND High School
10:00 AM Hurlock Elementary
11:00 AM Sandy Hill Elementary
Noon Choptank Elementary
1:00 PM Maple Elementary
2:00 PM C-SD High School
3:00 PM S Dorchester K-8
4:00 PM Maces Lane Middle School
5:00 PM Chorus of Dorchester
6:00 PM Cambridge Kids Xmas
7:00 PM Warwick Elementary
8:00 PM Vienna Elementary
9:00 PM ND Middle School
10:00 PM ND High School
11:00 PM Hurlock Elementary
Midnight Sandy Hill Elementary
1:00 AM Choptank Elementary
2:00 AM Maple Elementary