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Since 2015 WHCP Cambridge Community Radio has informed, inspired and delighted people in this small town on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Founded by Mike Starling, former CTO of National Public Radio (NPR), WHCP helps Maryland’s Mid-shore flourish by serving the economic, information, and inspiration needs of its citizens. Our home in Cambridge provides a sense of place, character, and heritage that is quintessential Eastern Shore Maryland. Nestled on the beautiful Choptank River, which was once populated by Choptank native people, Cambridge became a settlement of English colonists in the 17th century. One of Maryland’s oldest towns, Cambridge is the county seat of Dorchester County and the homeland of Harriet Tubman, who led dozens of enslaved people to freedom. Generations of watermen have harvested Maryland blue crabs and oysters from the local bays and rivers. New-comers are drawn to the beauty, friendliness, and culture, and hundreds of thousands of visitors each year are attracted to the area’s charm, breathtaking landscape, rich heritage, and abundant opportunities for recreation. WHCP captures this multifaceted fabric of the region via its eclectic mix of programming. Most of our programming is local, contributed by a passionate and diverse group of music experts, sharing infectious enthusiasm and deep knowledge of many genres. The information we share via community journalists and carefully curated national sources provide information residents need to thrive and highlights the many cultural and entertainment opportunities available to them. And the best part… this community voice is about to get stronger. A new license granted by the FCC in June 2022 will allow WHCP to grow from a small station reaching a few miles around Cambridge into a powerful radio voice, reaching all the way from St. Michaels to Salisbury, a service area with more than 200,000 people. Even as we grow, we will continue to follow our lodestar and to do what we do best: celebrating and helping to build the local community of Cambridge, Dorchester County, and the Midshore. WHCP will continue to be a non-profit community radio station, which allows us to keep our focus on the public, not on profit. We remain free from the predictable formulas of commercial radio, so we can continue to provide the kind of fresh, creative, and innovative programing loved by local folks and heard on no other radio station. Volunteers/Staff WHCP has dozens of volunteers who provide show content, operate and run the station, manage the website and more. Some of the key volunteers/staff include:

  • Judy Diaz, general manager
  • Kevin Diaz, MidShore MidDay contributing journalist
  • J6 Labs, website production and maintenance
  • Julian Jackson, production manager
  • Teri Johnson, sponsorship sales
  • Bruce McWilliams, morning show host and MidShore MidDay executive producer
  • Doug Schuetz, operations and production director

WHCP Board of Directors

  • Judy Diaz
  • Marco Garcia
  • Cheryl Hannan
  • John Lewis
  • Amber McGinnis
  • Kimberly Rose
  • Doug Schuetz
  • Drew Sheckler
  • Brett Summers

WHCP Community Radio Advisory Board (CRAB) David Harp, Chair

  • CRAB Charter
  • Next meeting will be scheduled in February 2023 in WHCP’s Community Meeting Room, 516 Race St.
  • Direct inquiries to:


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