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In this age when local media is hard to find and community engagement is on the wane, WHCP community radio plays a vital role. Since 2015 WHCP has informed, inspired and delighted people from its home in Cambridge MD. WHCP helps Maryland’s Mid-Shore flourish by serving the economic, information, and inspiration needs of its citizens.

And now we are ready to grow. WHCP won a rare new broadcast license from the FCC to expand from a low-power station reaching 10 miles around Cambridge to a more powerful station reaching all of Dorchester, most of Talbot and other counties on the Mid-Shore. A service area with more than 70,000 people.

WHCP-FM will be the best of WHCP-LP and much more, providing information and inspiration that helps Maryland’s Mid-Shore flourish. We will do this by being obsessively local. We will:

  • Be the only non-commercial community radio station on the Mid-Shore
  • Provide a platform for local talent to share their favorite music genres
  • Serve as the voice of our community through community journalists who provide local news and information
  • Fill the news desert left by other media abandoning this area, including adding NPR programs Morning Edition and All Things Considered
  • Capture the spirit and culture of Maryland’s Mid-Shore

But we can’t just flip a switch to serve all of the Mid-Shore. We have to build it. Your support will make that happen.

The WHCP-FM expansion is led by the same people who developed WHCP-LP, including nationally-recognized professionals from NPR, PBS, POLITICO, ABC News and other media. Target for launch is summer 2023.



516 Race Street
Cambridge, MD