The WHCP-Exclusive “Firefly Radio℠” is made with the same care and in the same jar as Grandma’s preserves.  After the jelly is gone, the jam plays on, powered by the fireflies once chased on hot summer nights.

The Firefly Radio℠ is the brainchild of public radio fanatics across the United States with final assembly by Cambridge Community Radio High School interns, training younger students on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.


The Firefly Radio℠ sells for $45.00 each, shipping included—Cambridge Community Radio Members receive one as a thank you at the Tower Level of annual membership ($101.50).

Members . . . . .may buy one additional Firefly Radio℠ per household for $29.95 each plus shipping.

The Firefly Radios℠ are available locally at Sunnyside Shop on Poplar Street in Cambridge, MD.  The Firefly Radio℠ is carefully assembled by WHCP high school interns supervising younger students.  A student technology training program partially supported by a grant from the State of Maryland is being established.  Proceeds from the sales of the radios will benefit WHCP and the training program.  Support WHCP’s community based programming and the training of local students in electronics and technology.  Help spark the curiosity and imagination of our community students.  Buy a Firefly Radio℠ today!

FAQs  (questions are posted as they are received)
1. How is the radio powered?
Fireflies have been surgically attached to the power harness and have received intensive training in lighting up to the music to power the radio.  However, fireflies are temperamental, seldom adhere to the training, and often do not travel well during shipment.  In fact, the radio may appear to not work at all until you install two AA batteries, which are not included.
2. Do the fireflies really dance to the music?
They do light up in sync with the music (or in a random mode, or can be turned off).  They do not dance despite noble efforts by Arthur Murray.
3. Can the Firefly Radio℠ tune to other stations?
Yes, two buttons on the lid control tuning up and down the FM band.  Once tuned and set
to a new station that station will be the station that the radio turns on to — until you change to another “default” station.  Use on other than noncommercial educational FM stations may be hazardous to your outlook and disposition.

4. How sensitive is the Firefly Radio℠?
It is very sensitive, so please use good language.  It is even more sensitive when the antenna is fully extended, and when placed near a window.